The Israel Lobby: Is It Good For The US? THE ISRAEL LOBBY
Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?

Washington, DC - April 10, 2015 at the National Press Club
The Israel Lobby and American Policy conference

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Speaker Transcripts

1.0 What Is the Israel Lobby and How Does It Work? 9:00 AM Dale Sprusansky

Grant Smith: How big is the Lobby and what does it do? An overview of the 501(c) universe. or Slides and Text

Seth Morrison: From the Jewish National Fund to Jewish Voice for Peace and BDS. or Slides and Text

Jeffrey Blankfort: The ADL: Covert action, censure, and courting law-enforcement. or Slides and Text


2.0 Are Critical Voices Silenced? 10:10 AM Askia Muhammad

Prof. Richard Falk: Weakening and discrediting the UN: The work of pro-Israel NGOs.

Dr. Alice Rothchild: Silencing voices that question Israeli actions.

Dr. Jack Shaheen: The use of cultural stereotypes to shape policy.


3.0 Is Freedom of Speech Encouraged on American Campuses? 11:35 AM Helena Cobban

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh: Daring to speak out on campus. or Slides and Text

Dima Khalidi: Pressures on universities to discipline and punish students and faculty for speech activities. or Slides and Text

Ahmad Saadaldin: Overcoming obstacles: SJP successes  Slides and Text


4.0 Is the Lobby Good for Israel? 1:15 PM Delinda Hanley 

Miko Peled: How the Lobby enables Israeli policy: Views of an Israeli in America.

Gideon Levy: Does unconditional support for Israel endanger Israeli voices?

Huwaida Arraf: The situation of Arab citizens of Israel: Views of an Arab citizen of Israel.


5.0 How Does the Lobby Influence Congress? 2:25 PM Janet McMahon

Former AIPAC employee MJ Rosenberg: Is it all about the money?

Former Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV): My experience with the Israel Lobby; The use of dark money.

Former Rep. Paul Findley (R-IL): How to tame lobbies like AIPAC.


6.0 Is There an Iraq-Iran Continuum? 3:50 PM Dale Sprusansky

Gareth Porter: The push for war on Iran.

Reza Marashi: The Iran nuclear deal.

Paul Pillar: AIPAC/Netanyahu objectives and the American interest.


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